Monday, April 9, 2012

The weekend started with French toast. Is there really any other way to start a weekend? The answer is no... in case you are absolutely ridiculous and hesitated at answering that rhetorical question. The answer is no.
French toast is especially good if made with multigrain sourdough bread and topped with fresh berries, a small spoonful of Bonne Maman, and drizzled with maple syrup from Michigan. Yes. You need those exact ingredients.

It's pretty too, huh? Almost too good to eat. (Hahahaha good one)

Dinner was chickpea patties, basmati rice, and roasted asparagus and walnuts (topped with a mixture of lemon zest, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup, mustard, Braggs). Chickpea patties never get old. And they have never taste better than they did Saturday night. I'm pretty sure I always so that, though.

We had blueberry cranberry oat bran muffins (made by these fine folks) for breakfast on Sunday and then this crazy awesome dinner which consisted of homemade ravioli and a salad from ingredients we are growing on our porch!

To make approximately 16: mix 1 cup semolina flour, 2 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp salt, equivalent of 2 eggs (I used mixture of egg replacer and flax), and 1/2 cup water. When a ball of dough has formed, cover and set aside for about 30 minutes. You must then find a boyfriend to roll the dough out (Heh. I've never been good at that... *the dough rolling part not the finding helpful boyfriend part*). Cut into desired shapes (It was our 5 year anniversary so we went with the love theme), fill, put together (Dab water around edge of bottom piece with filling in the center and top with another piece of dough about the same size. Crease edges.) and drop into boiling water. You will know they're done when they rise to the top. (Only takes a minutes or two for this to occur)
**For the filling I blended up 3 artichoke hearts, handful of spinach, balsamic vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, nutmeg, garlic, onion powder (the cheesy looking one was just some left over sauce we had from making mac n cheese the other night)

Top with marinara sauce like so:

Serve with salad like so:

Bake tons of cookies like so:

Oh and here's our garden.
^ Tomatoes

^ Rainbow chard

^ Burgundy Beans

^ Newest editions. Anniversary aloe that we bought together.... for our anniversary.


  1. You make some really good looking and I am sure tasty food. I also really enjoy the commentary along with the pics. Heart shaped ravioli, cute!

  2. Everything looks seriously awesome, cuz!

    But that french toast? Mmmm!

  3. OMG!!! This Blog is making me so hungry. You have a gift niece. Great pictures and fun lively writing. Keep on working your magic here. Soon you will have a multitude of followers.