About Me

I'm a 27 year old vegan who lives in California.

My dad is a rockstar.  I am clearly their biggest fan.  (check out his band)

I love my parents dearly.  I am lucky that we are so close emotionally.  We'll be close in location one day too.

My brother looks good in California.

My sister (in law and in love) is basically my twin.

I have a boyfriend who is incredibly talented.  He builds things.  And he's cute.  

He makes me happy.

I'm pretty close with my cat, too.

And Cosmo dog.  We enjoy our walks through the park every weekend.  

Cos and Scott both love open space.

How could I not add this one?

When I'm not in the kitchen (or wait... even when I am) I like to dance.  

I knew of Brendan Benson before you did.  Just kidding.  (but seriously)

My new favorite musician: Frank Fairfield.  I've seen him in San Diego AND Paris.  

This is where I want to be buried.  (Point Loma, California)

This'll do too.  (Paris, France)

I have this obsession with Notre Dame.  It started with Rudy.   It ended at Notre Dame.  The Notre Dame.  (except it didn't really end there.  still obsessed.)

I've had the same shirt for the past 20 years.  I plan on wearing it for 20 more. (at least)

I survive on this drink.

This is the only kind of ramen I'll eat.  The kind made in Japan.  Eaten in Japan.  

If I were to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be this bread. (the one on the left with the quinoa in it.  doesn't quinoa just make everything better?)

Heirloom tomatoes make life worth living.

Markets make life worthwhile as well.  Especially those in Europe.  (sigh)

I love to cook.  Did I mention that?