Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well. I'm sick. That's how it goes, right? You have a week off between jobs and you get this ridiculous cough that makes you feel completely horrible? I made the most of it by.... doing absolutely nothing. I stayed hydrated (tea, water, OJ), I snuggled with cos, and I watched tv. All. Day. Long. Sounds like the perfect Saturday, yes? It would've been if it hadn't been forced upon me by some simply awful ex-coworker who had to infect me with the awful... whatever it is that I have. So thank you and thank you not so much.

At least I had newly sprouted beans:
and newly sprouted kale:
to make the gloomy day brighten up a bit.

(Side note: pictured kale had actually been sabotaged a few days ago. I found the baby sprouts laying on the ground next to the pot. *gasp* I frantically replanted them and crossed all of my fingers in hopes that they would survive. It appears they have. The third seed in the pot even emerged this morning! It is incredible how happy these little sprouts make me. Really. I nearly started crying when I thought 2 of them were goners.)

Send your positive healing vibes my way. I need to be better by Wednesday. My mom is coming for a visit!


  1. Hope you are feeling better today, keep drinking the vitamin C, and enjoy your MOM.

  2. This blog is simply amazing. Loved it! Keep writing definitely have a gift for it. You are going to be in the next will be called, Julia, Julia, and Kristin! Miss you!