Saturday, March 17, 2012

First things first:

Check out how long my hair is getting! I'm thrilled! I'm ecstatic! I can barely contain my excitement! It only took 2 years but long locks are finally coming back. Thank goodness. Thank GOODness!

On a slightly related note (see: excitement/ecstatic/thrilled): I got some flowers at work yesterday as a going away gift. That's nice. Too bad the giver isn't aware of the fact that my thumb is nowhere near being green and they will probably be dead by the time my last day actually arrives. It was still nice though. Thank you, Mannie!

The walnut mushroom pate we had for dinner last night was also nice.


Ended last night with a deliciously colorful dinner, started today off with some awesome orange juice. (And steel cut oats topped with Braggs, pepper, and ketchup)

That's the view from the window in the living room. (and that's also a piece made by my completely awesome God Mother Aunt Joanne) Rain. All day. Cosmo wanted so badly to go for a walk and quickly regretted it the moment we stepped outside. That is definitely a big drawback to apartment living. You can't just open your back door to let the dog out. You need to walk around the block and get soaked right through to your underwear you just put on not 5 minutes before.

I decided to stay in for the rest of the day. The wind is blowing in this ridiculously cold storm. It's wet. It's ugly. Inside is warm. Inside has Netflix. Inside has animals who will amuse me and each other. Inside has perfectly ripe bananas which are dying to be made into a bread. (recipe to come tomorrow)

Oh and check out the About Me section. You'll now know everything about me you never needed to know.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hope the sun comes out tomorrow!!! Hope the rest of the weekend is wonderful.