Thursday, March 18, 2010

Greek style tomato zucchini fritters with mediterranean style cashew cucumber dip... last night's dinner was marvelous. The fritters get a thumbs up but the cucumber dip gets a fist raised high in the air with vigor. Oh my goodness! That's all I can think to say. I even welcomed the leftovers tonight. (maybe that's because I'm a fryaphobe and was quite delighted with getting to bake the leftover fritter mixture rather than fry it as we had last night)
I don't think Scott had as much of a fun time as I did yesterday. After preparing the patties, I worked on the sauce and nominated Scott to fry. We used up way too many breadcrumbs and way too much olive oil and way too much time. I easily talked Scott away from the stove as soon as we had enough to fill two pitas. I chopped up some sundried tomatoes, avocado, and spinach to go along with everything else. (what a good idea) We sat down to eat around 8pm. I'm usually starving by 5:30pm so I'm quite impressed I didn't bite Scott's head off in the interim. I was quite pleasant, actually. Or I think I was anyway... I was just so happy to be cooking... and to be doing so with Scott...
I think I'll spend lunchtime tomorrow with my cookbook and my Cosmo scheming which meal to whip up while I await Scott's arrival.

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  1. OUCH, That hurts.....My poor baby. I send you lots of healing kisses...xxxxx
    Now you are a REAL cook!