Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I learned potatoes have recently been found to have originated in Chile. I learned as well that chopping the potato up before putting it in a pot of boiling water will reduce its mineral content by 75 percent! Yikes.
I meant to make potato and broccoli soup for dinner... in honor of my new found potato facts... but I didn't have the right ingredients. I made french lentil soup in its stead. (Did I mention I just read The Virgin Queen's Daughter? My words keep slipping and I sound like I'm straight from Elizabeth Tudor's royal court... or perhaps it is but a dream. I wish. Or do I? Or should I?)
The soup was good. I added some rice per Scott's request and thus messed up the whole recipe. (keyword: messed ... not ruined) I should guess that by morning the lentils and rice will have soaked up every last drop of liquid. As least they will be deliciously flavored.

I am unsure about tomorrow's dinner. I think Scott will be joining me and I am delighted. I do believe he is the only one I would wish to share my kitchen.

I was originally leaning toward gumbo for tomorrow evening. I just don't know. It's St. Patty's Day so perhaps I'll look for something a little more... Irish? We'll see.

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