Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You know that Pangea Vegan Store gift certificate that I won last year?  Okay.  Probably not.  But I had been thinking about vegan white chocolate chips since... forever... and then I found out about this store that sells them online (thank you pen pal, Kaycee!).  I just so happened upon a contest for said website right after this and just so happened to win said contest.  Suh-weet, right?  Totally.
Oh it gets better.
I finally got around to looking at the site to claim my prize and found that not one but both Babycakes cookbooks are available for my buying pleasure. YES PLEASE.  Powdered creamer, rice crispy treats, and s'more cookies?  Well... if you insist.

I am so happy.  So so happy.  I love food.  Really.  And I love getting things for free!

How happy is so happy?  Tape a mustache on my face and pretend I'm John Candy happy.  

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  1. totally awesome and totally awesome photo. hahaha