Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Veganomicon Day 4

What's better than a seemingly endless absolutely frown maker of a day at work? Anything? Yes. Anything at all is better than that. But a nice walk to Henry's Marketplace to pick up $67 worth of groceries that will last you (hopefully) for the next week... now that's the absolute best. We bought capers. I've never bought capers before. We bought red wine vinegar because we were going through the apple cider vinegar way too quickly. Mustard seeds. Of course mustard seeds were purchased.
Tonight's dinner was a little random- left over millet (I hate leftovers but this is the exception), cheater baked beans (which really have nothing to do with cheating at all... they take an hour to make!), and marinated tempeh (liquid smoke is a fridge staple). I had hoped for more veggies to make it on my plate but it was still delicious. I've been pushing the idea of baked beans on Scott for years to no avail but they finally happened tonight... they finally made their way into his belly and mine... and he was glad! =D
Tomorrow is bbq and coleslaw. I think carrot-pineapple-sunshine-or-whatever-they're-called muffins might be made in the evening as well.
I like this having a plan for dinner for the next few nights thang I've got going on. It gives me a thing or two to look forward to... such as roasted eggplant and spinach muffuletta. I don't even know what muffuletta means but it sounds intriguing, anyway! Mmmmuffeletta.
Did I mention I'm going to try to become a famous rock photographer too? That dreams starts tomorrow. And now I go dream for real.

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