Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Veganomicon Day 3

When I was younger I wanted to change my middle name to Ricotta. Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser... I know how silly that is. Millet is such a better name. Kristin 'Millet' Zechar. It's got a ring to it, eh? I could eat millet every single day, I think. The texture is marvelous and it just soaks up all the goodness of the spices you mix in. (note: tarragon is wonderful... sometimes. The taste is perfect in this dish but don't get over zealous and try adding it to every meal from here on out. I already made that mistake on your behalf)
Last night was the brocolli millet appetizer from Veganomicon... with a little spin on it. I have this thing about deep frying... or frying period. Rather than form the mixture into balls and fry them, I just served it as a side to some teriyaki tempeh and roasted veggies.
I had a nearly non existent internet connection last night so I figured it wasn't worth spending 2 hours to load a photo. Instead I have this to add to the post today. It's Jared Reynolds (who is the touring bassist with Brendan Benson) and the smile seemed perfect for this post. Millet just makes me smiiiiile.

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