Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two nights ago, in a kitchen far far away...
^ This is from one of my favorite bloggers. I always make it slightly different adding whatever veggies we have in the fridge. This is definitely in heavy rotation around our house. I think I already blogged about this one. Makes sense since it's SO DANG GOOD.

And then there was last night.
^ These are my worst nightmare. (insert this sound here) Who knew that baking potato chips would be so hard? Certainly not me. That's why I tried making some a few nights ago and then made the mistake of trying again last night. Will I not learn? Two things I have to accept about myself: 1) I'm not good as kneading or rolling out dough 2) I simply cannot bake a chip to save my life. Okay. Exaggeration (on the chips, not the dough). I did make a small batch that turned out alright. But I had ripped out half of my hair in the meantime.

Oh I also accidentally cooked an avocado last night too. Perhaps that's where the stress began. You see, placing an avocado in the oven for a day or so (with the oven turned off) helps speed up the ripening process. I did just that upon my return from the grocery store. Not 30 minutes later I turned the oven on and proceeded to prep dinner. It smelled like something was cooking but I hadn't put anything in the oven yet. Oh wait. Yes I did! 10 Minutes earlier! It's funny when I think back on it now. It certainly was not funny at the time thank you very much.

^ Anyway, this is the dinner I made to go alongside the chips. It's a reuben... kinda. I had kielbasa left over that I needed to use up. I marinated some cabbage (instead of marinating tempeh) to put over the sausage then topped it with homemade thousand island dressing (thanks Vegan with a Vengeance!). I had never eaten a reuben sandwich before so I'm not sure how they're supposed to taste. All I know is that this tastes good.

You know what else tastes good?

^Mama's. Falafel, stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanouj, fresh pita. What more could a girl ask for?
Well... I could ask for a Rittersport bar. Yum....

Oh did I mention I only had to work 4.5 hours today? The office was sent home early because the computer system went down yesterday afternoon and still wasn't up by 11am today! Bummer I missed out on 3.5 hours of pay but total bonus that I got to take Cosmo for a long walk, water my plants, go shopping, and watch (and cry during) One Day. Then Scott bought our wonderful Lebanese dinner. And the rest is history!


  1. Saw the Rittersport bars at Target today, one was with marzipan, one was with corn flakes, I think, and the other was on a butter cookie, what is your favorite???

  2. marzipan all the way! we found a grocery store in germany that sold them for cheap. we stocked up.