Friday, April 27, 2012

So.  I wanted to take a moment to step outside the kitchen and say how happy I am.  Yes, I have been losing sleep as of late due to nerves.  But that's just me.  I get worked up about not knowing exactly what I'm doing all the time.  I'm a total noob at this job (thanks Dan for that description) and I realize I wont know everything for quite some time.  It's just difficult.  At my last place of employment I was top notch.  (I'm allowed to say that because it's true.)  On a daily basis I was 100 calls ahead of everyone else.  And now I'm in my new position asking millions of questions again.  Getting along slowly but surely.

Don't get me wrong, I am by no means complaining.  (Who really needs sleep anyway?  Aside from the lack of sleep throughout the course of the night, I get up at 4:50am nowadays!  Ah!)  I love my new job.  LOVE.  IT.  Yesterday I was standing at the copier and I just started smiling really big.  I giggled a little.  I was tempted to walk into my boss's office and thank her for hiring me.  Really.  And today on the drive home (which was at 2:30pm, thank you very much!  I get out of work with the rest of the day still ahead of me!) I was trying to think negative thoughts.  I was trying to put myself in a bad mood just to see if I could.  And I couldn't!   I couldn't think of one thing I was less than thrilled about!  The change in my general outlook on life is amazing.  I don't get yelled at by 200 people a day and now I can't stop smiling.  Crazy how that works, yes?  I'm not surprised that I'm more positive.  I'm just surprised with the ridiculous amount of positivity I'm feeling.

I couldn't fake happiness like that.  ^ Although the happiness could be because I'm wearing sweet new shoes you can't see and a new American Rag shirt that was 40 percent off....  Either way.  I'm happy.  And I love it.


  1. That is what I'm talking about. That is what I want to read. That is what I want for my daughter. Now I am so very happy. Cuz when you are happy, I am even more happy. I tell you I tol you. xxxooo...

  2. Let me jump on the happy train. I'm happy when you're happy, and your mom is happy, etc....

    P.S. You're cute.