Monday, March 5, 2012

Health is fashionable.

So. This is it guys. This. This is it. This is the drink.

I told you yesterday that I dream about omelets. Well I dream about my green drank (purposefully misspelled. I feel cooler when I refer to it in that manner) on a nightly basis too. Love. I love it.

I also ate some dried mango too. Gotta up the potassium levels sometimes, ya know?

The picture wasn't really needed. I'm sure you guys know what dried mango slices look like but I liked the outfit I was wearing. I wanted you to be jealous of not only my crazy healthy lunch but also my mad fashion. I mean, come on. Purple shirt, teal skirt with some brown and white heels. I've got it going on.


  1. OK, I finally get to comment, trouble remembering what my google account was or is, and can't prove I am not a robot, oh my!!!!! You are styling girl, and you do have it going on!!! The colors are great, even better than THE DRINK.

  2. Okay, I love your color choices miss!

    But I don't believe you about your shoes since I can't see them. ;)

    Great blog btw!

  3. Gee, thanks for the recipe. Thanks a lot. What if we want to make some o' that green drank and indulge?

  4. Hey Dude, the recipe is in the previous post!

    1 banana (frozen is best)
    4 ice cubes
    1 huge handful spinach
    1 cup yogurt
    1 TB chia seeds
    1 TB ground flax seeds
    1 scoop Amazing Meal (original)
    1 TB almond butter
    1/2 apple or pear (optional)

    Mmmm donuts (errr... something like that)