Monday, March 29, 2010

Errrr... leftovers. I'm so thinked out from work that I could not for the life of me remember what that dang word was. I think I like 'reruns' better than 'leftovers' anyway. It makes the meal seem more exciting. Reruns of George Lopez still amuse me... why shouldn't curry?
Speaking of curry... I didn't mention that I had to ask someone at the grocery store what a parsnip was. Who doesn't know what a parsnip looks like? I suppose if that is not something that you know, then chances are you aren't cooking with one. I needed a big hunk of parsnip as part of my meal, though. I noticed a younger fellow reach for some kale and I thought to myself 'Hmmm. Most people would choose a boring watery romaine type lettuce... not an intriguing green such as kale... perhaps he'll know what a parsnip is'. Lo and behold he pointed one out right away. My face turned all red. Aye. I wish my face wouldn't turn red when someone looked at me for .5 seconds. It really is such a bother. So, short story long, I bought my first parsnip. I would show a picture of one to you, but I want you to ask a stranger for help at the local grocer and turn red. Please tell me you turned red. I'll feel better about my own misfortune.
Spinach mushroom strata tomorrow.... reminds me of my mom. I'm not sure why, so if you wish to question that, don't bother. I just flipped through the book looking for a recipe that utilized mushrooms and found this amazing dish... which happened to remind me of my mom... whom I miss dearly.

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